Yes, I am
It’s difficult to know
Cos, you can’t see
Pass what I feel
What I endured
Over the years
It’s still the same
You’re blinded than blind
It’s always normal
And that’s absurd
Have you been to other places?
All I need is protection
Protection from all
Do you need that shelter?
I can barely protect you
But hey! there is a way
Plant more trees on me
So I can have some protection
That will protect you
In years to come
When the wind blows
I don’t blow dust
If the sun scorch
You have a place to hide
Believe in the dream of planting more trees
So I can feel warmth once more


Paddling through the storm
Finding a lost path
That leads to a safe haven
I feel your pain
I feel your hate
That’s how life intimidate
Panting through the wilderness
Wondering what’s next
Then I saw my emotion failed in production

One world, one love
two hearts made one
building a single hope
to rekindle the unfulfilled past

Hope to change the fore that was hidden,
never to fall for any destruction

Together we smile into the future,
hidden from feeble-minded eyes

Hold my hand, let’s take a walk tonight my love
over the mountains top and the valley nigh

That we may see the truth in love

This collaborative poem was written by: Noah Alorwu, Mawuli Stephen, Gilgal Ansah, Jane Ida Koomson, Micheal Sedinam, Angela Adabla, Mike Perry Yeboah, Lumor Eunice, Dugbazah Ernest, Timothy Yeboah — Larbi

Lonely, lonely I was
When love touched my heart
Lovingly, my situation changed

My thoughts so deep, I get carried away
Complete I thought I was without love
Now I know, I was a slave to loneliness

I now feel safe in her embrace
And her smile, awaken my sleeping soul
Your presence has broken me free from lonely's captivity
I’ve been lifted out of my sunken emotions

Slowly the buzz
Until it crossed my path

Aimlessly I wait, panting for an opportunity to cling my shaking body to your gracious shadow

Love is beautiful with you

A collaborative poem written by:
Noah Alorwu, Stephen Mawuli, Ofoe Christian, Korku Delali, Agbetsise Bright, Abdul Jaward, Otu Wonder, Dugbazah Enerst, Ezichi Ebere, Kisu, Mike Perry Attara, Michael Young, Michael Sedinam

I assumed you have Python installed and want to set up a virtual environment in order to start a project. Below are ways you can get started on different platforms:

Note: myven :- virtual environment name

Open CMD
Change Directory to your project directory
> cd project_directory
> python -m venv myven
> myven\scripts\activate

Open Terminal /Console
$ sudo apt-get install virtualenv
#creating the virtual environment
$ virtualenv myven
#You can also use a Python interpreter of your choice
$ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python2.7 myven
$ source myven/bin/activate

Ouch! So you tried creating your venv and then you encountered this error on your terminal 👉 The path python2 (from — python=python) does not exist
Do the following:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install python
When done go back to creating the virtual environment!

To deactivate virtual environment
> deactivate
$ deactivate

Somewhere 23rd April 2018, I launched a campaign to support Destiny Adzaho go to school.

A massive support from family, friends and love ones. At the end of our campaign, we have raised:
1. Mobile Money Donations:-¢1000.50ps
2. GoFundMe:- $150

Special appreciation to Francis Brown for incubating Destiny at his Animation Studio. Francis is helping Destiny unleash his potentials. He is also taking care of Destiny’s welfare including food, accommodation etc.

Appreciation video

Currently Destiny is learning animation at Animaxfyb and eventually work with Francis. Destiny awaits his admission notice to go to school early August or late.

I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us in this journey.
God richly bless you!

Pycon Namibia is an annual Python programming conference for professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, academicians and students.
This was the 4th conference since its inception. The conference was held from 20th to 22nd February at NIPAM in Windhoek.

Conference materials

Day 1 started with an opening ceremony by Jessica Upani, welcoming all attendees and…

Making one person smile can change the world, maybe not the whole world, but their world.

17 year old Destiny Adzaho, a young chap who is super smart and talented when it comes to 3D animations, aircraft modeling, engineering drawing and programming is in somewhere between a rock and a…

My Charming and Exceptional Hosts

A city in a thousand hills lives an extraordinary family. A family that love dominates all over. Wait!

Yh, they always wore that warm smile… I meant always!!! You can’t help but love them!

Meet the most welcoming hosts in the whole Prof. Maurice Zide…

Noah Alorwu

Software Engineer / UI Designer / PSF Fellow / DSF Member / Community Builder / Wikimedian In Residence

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